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Quadratic Equation in Geometry

I'm ready to go insane. I have the answers, but nowhere in the book does it tell me how to solve these problems. I've no idea where to begin, and when I try to guess, I get sloppy, wrong answers. Help?

A tennis court has an area of 312yd^2. If the length is 2 yd more than twice the width, find the demensions of the court.

This is what I get when I attempt this:



And then I can't go farther factoring, because I can't find any factors that add up to positive two. What am I doing wrong?

The correct answer is: 12 yd by 26 yd

The hypotenuse of a right angel is 2 ft less than three times the shorter leg. The longer leg is 3ft less than three times the shorter leg. Find the length of the shorter leg.

First of all, I barely understand here goes:


And now what on earth do I do? I am so lost. I'm surprised I'm not failing math!

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