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Thanks~ Living in America

Hey~ :D

I have a Social Studies test next Monday, and there are some questions on my study guide that I'm having trouble with. Thanks :D
(Please try to keep them as accurate and simple as possible) 

1.       Explain and list support for 3 theories of origins of native american peoples

2. How did the geography in North America affect the lifestyles and cultures of the different Native American Societies

3. How did Spain organize and govern its empire in the Americas? How did this differ from the way France and England organized and governed their colonies?

4. How did the Protestant Reformation in Europe affect the exploration and colonization of the new world?

5. Compare and contract Spanish and English colonies. Consider economics, treatment of Native Americans, social structure, religion, etc.

6.Compare and contrast the early experiences of settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth

7. Compare and contract the rights and freedom offered to colonists in different colonies. Know how the 13 different colonies were similar and different

I know this is quite a lot and I really appreciate the help! Thank you!
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