Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions. (calcifer13) wrote in homework_help,
Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions.

English question

Please help.  I am non-native English speaker. .  So I've been struggling in understanding the following sentence.

>The prominence and acceptance of biometric technologies such as fingerprinting, facial recognition, hand geometry, and iris recognition may leave little demand for other modalities.

It is about Biometrics recognition - vein pattern recognition.

err....what I don't understand is this modalities.  does it means. -->the classification of logical proposition according to their asserting or denying the possibilities??
or something like MRI, CT the medical equipment? 

So in short it means    this excellent technology is about to launch since all the procedures are almost done.
this excellent technology does not need medical equipment to proceed?
or neither of the above...

Sorry, somebody please explain to me.

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