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10th May 2011

norain214:36pm: Quadratic Equation in Geometry

I'm ready to go insane. I have the answers, but nowhere in the book does it tell me how to solve these problems. I've no idea where to begin, and when I try to guess, I get sloppy, wrong answers. Help?

A tennis court has an area of 312yd^2. If the length is 2 yd more than twice the width, find the demensions of the court.

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The hypotenuse of a right angel is 2 ft less than three times the shorter leg. The longer leg is 3ft less than three times the shorter leg. Find the length of the shorter leg.

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11th January 2010

downtown_maf5:27pm: Geometry help,
Okay, we have had a sub all week.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
If you can help, thank you!

Here they are:

It is possible for a quadrilateral to have two pairs of opposite congruent sides without being a parallelogram, if so what is the name of the shape?

It is possible for a quadrilateral to have with two consecutive sides without being a parallelogram, if so what is the name of the shape?

14th December 2009

whatever_freak3:52pm: I need help with my English work, well it's not really work we've just all been given an extract of Duchess Of Malfi to 'translate' and I'm having trouble with my section.

I need almost a word-for-word 'translation' of these few desctiptions of the madmen from Act IV Scene II:

"an English tailor, craz'd i'th' brain
With the study of new fashion;

"a gentleman usher,
Quite beside himself with care to keep in mind
The number of his lady's salutations,
Or "How do you," she employ'd him in each morning;

"And let one broker that's mad loose to these,
You'd think the devil were among them.

And then the Duchess says:
"Let them loose when you please,
For I am chain'd to endure all your tyranny.

I'm sorry for basically asking you to do my (fairly easy) work, it's just that we're being made to tell it to the class and that makes me nervous enough so I'd just really like to know that what I'm saying is right!

Thank you so much for any help!


2nd December 2009

sariza6:46am: Pre-calc help!
I was wondering how can I use exponential/log functions to find out when the population of a town is cut in half. I was thinking to use the pe^rt formula but I'm not sure... Can anyone help me asap!!
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kodochalover12:14am: Ideas for PSA or video about Plastic Pollution?
I really need help with my homework assignment *^*
You see, In my digital media class, we are working for a client. We have to create a video or a PSA [Public Service Announcement] and present it to a audience. I'm having a hard time coming up with something for a audience of 20 to 40 year old adults. I'm trying to make an interesting story or a PSA but I really need you're help!! It's quite difficult for me T^T

My topic is "Rise Above Plastics". its an organization that fights to get rid of plastic pollution in the ocean. (you know such as bottles,plastic bags etc) these are bad because animals eat these plastics believing that it is food causing the death of millions of animals.

I really want to convince them that we need to do something about this problem. I've been trying to come up with something for a week, but nothing works...I'm so lost :[...
Can you guys PLEASE HELP?
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22nd November 2009

westerly_sama11:24am: Audio File in English
I'm in need of some English-speaking people who don't have any problem understanding audio files in their mother language. I need to work with a .mp3 file and I can't understand all of it. Can you help me? It's 2:30 long and about old Australian Languages. There are names I don't get and some really fast talking too.
Any help would be great!
Thank you
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15th November 2009

herphotolife5:58pm: phonetics - allophones
can anyone help me with phonetics? i am studying it at degree level, first year. i am stuck with one question on a hand out. the exercise is:

Vowel length in English is an example of allophonic variation. Vowels often have the same quality but are different in length. Work out the rule that produces this allophonic variation.

there are a few word examples but i can't use IPA here. a few of the word examples of the variations are from words such as: root, tar, runs, pass, peck and treat.

:s :s so confused!

14th November 2009

oxfordmuse6:52pm: Need homework help?
Please look at my journal if you do! I have help for chem students, anatomy students, etc.- help for any class that I'm taking/have taken (I'm in college and am studying to be a Registered Nurse).

9th October 2009

zigt12:08am: Physics
I am having a great deal of trouble trying to solve these problems.

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1st October 2009

musicalnote777:17pm: Chemistry (Dimensional Analysis)
Due tomorrow. D:

The density of water at room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) is 0.9970 g cm^-3. How many pounds does the water in a full 5.00-gal pail weigh?
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30th September 2009

Hey everyone!
This is my first post here, so I hope I do everything right.

I'm desperate on this one!

Does anyone know anything about the nearest insertion algorithm?   Not how to do it, but who developed it?  When it was developed? Anything? I have to write a report on its history and I'm googled out.  Any links would be greatly appreciated!

25th September 2009

mercymyqueen5:08pm: http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.aspx?id=3e285c08-c76c-47a0-b4e2-13a2766ed850

I'm a high school senior who's been working on some social science research with the Intel Science Program for the past few months. I need to survey as many people as possible to take my survey, and would appreciate it if any of you did.

22nd September 2009

xgosniffglue10:13pm: French
Hey guys, this is my first French composition for my 130 class, due on Friday. If you could simply proofread it for grammatical and spelling errors, I would really appreciate it. Also, I would like to use le subjonctif in the places where it is possible, so if you could point out some sentences where I could do that (I've always had trouble figuring out where it can and cannot be used), that would be great too.

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okami_lup_wolf4:35pm: Periodic Table Definitions
All of these are related to the periodic table. I need to define them and can't seem to find them in my notes. Please help, this is due tomorrow!

Basic (No idea about this one....)
Kinetic Theory

22nd July 2009

areopagit_com6:52pm: MindReader and learning

The specialists of the International center for education "Areopagit" (www.areopagit.com) develop the "convincing" to learn program. This program is designed on the base of the research of Dr. Igor Smirnov “Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology”, or SSRM Tek, a software-based mind reader that supposedly tests a subject's involuntary response to subliminal messages.

The program inspires to recipient an idea about need to learn, think and develop their own abilities. If to unite this program with a network self spreading module (like a virus) then during several months it would install on hundreds of thousands of personal computers around the world. Besides, program can define the language of the user and use suitable - an English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian or Arabic.

8th May 2009

okami_lup_wolf8:20pm: Factors/Multiples
Hi. I'm a new member, pleased to meet you.

Alright. I have worksheets on getting the GCF/LCM of a set of three numbers.

Does anybody know of someplace that has a printable guide to these, like a listing of all factors or multiples up to, say, 100?

I know this is kind of simple math, but still. It would be so much less time-consuming to find a guide to it.
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30th April 2009

areopagit_com9:53pm: Creativity in science

Does anybody know any course in creativity in science?  I'm interested in this theme.

Many thanks!

15th April 2009

imyourhime4:59pm: I need to know what (2y +5x)^2 is..

I got 25x^2+4y^2+20xy..

it has to be in standard form, but i don't know what to put first? x or y? i don't get ittt!

1st March 2009

chiibiusa7:18pm: two quick questions about the eye:
hello everyone, i've tried looking everywhere for answers to these questions and haven't found anything :(

1. How many green cones are in typical eye?
It said in my notes that there are 7 million cones in a regular eye, and somewhere online I found that green cones take up about 32%, so mathematically there should be 2,240,000 in the typical eye but I couldn't find a direct source that said green cones are x amount.

2. A red cone sensitivity at shorter than usual wavelengths is called ___________________________?
Protanomaly? I'm not 100% sure on this - there was nothing in my notes about it and this sounds like the answer given from the wikipedia article on color blindness.

Thank you for any and all help!

18th February 2009

kawaiidoku10:40pm: Thanks~ Living in America
Hey~ :D

I have a Social Studies test next Monday, and there are some questions on my study guide that I'm having trouble with. Thanks :D
(Please try to keep them as accurate and simple as possible) 

1.       Explain and list support for 3 theories of origins of native american peoples

2. How did the geography in North America affect the lifestyles and cultures of the different Native American Societies

3. How did Spain organize and govern its empire in the Americas? How did this differ from the way France and England organized and governed their colonies?

4. How did the Protestant Reformation in Europe affect the exploration and colonization of the new world?

5. Compare and contract Spanish and English colonies. Consider economics, treatment of Native Americans, social structure, religion, etc.

6.Compare and contrast the early experiences of settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth

7. Compare and contract the rights and freedom offered to colonists in different colonies. Know how the 13 different colonies were similar and different

I know this is quite a lot and I really appreciate the help! Thank you!

17th February 2009

againstsex9:08pm: algebra
Hello, I have an algebra question involving three equations with three variables (well six actually, but they are two different sets). I have solved them, but I don't think the answers are right and I was pretty much winging it, so an idea of how to properly solve one would help. The two sets of equations are behind the cut.

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13th December 2008

souryum11:52pm: History Project
I was wondering if I could get any ideas on the Totalitarianism Russia (1917) when Vladimir Lenin came into power?? Where should I go with this? Economically it helped the prolarairats and the working class? I'm at my wits end for this...any help please??
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emotionsaside1:55pm: I'm working on a history project, but I have no ideas for it.
The subject is imperialism. I have to come up with two similes describing an imperial power and one of its territories. One simile is from the perspective of the imperial power and the other from the territory. The similes need to be connected somehow.
Ex: From the perspective of a student, school is like a factory.
I also have to supply reasons why the simile is appropriate and include historical facts.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

5th December 2008

calcifer1311:39pm: English question

Please help.  I am non-native English speaker. .  So I've been struggling in understanding the following sentence.

>The prominence and acceptance of biometric technologies such as fingerprinting, facial recognition, hand geometry, and iris recognition may leave little demand for other modalities.

It is about Biometrics recognition - vein pattern recognition.

err....what I don't understand is this modalities.  does it means. -->the classification of logical proposition according to their asserting or denying the possibilities??
or something like MRI, CT the medical equipment? 

So in short it means    this excellent technology is about to launch since all the procedures are almost done.
this excellent technology does not need medical equipment to proceed?
or neither of the above...

Sorry, somebody please explain to me.

source: http://www.findbiometrics.com/article/320
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